Email Address:

Login using your email address and the password supplied in the email you received.

This Page is the Login Page for Department Chair / Deans and Survey Coordinators.

Department chair or dean survey review and approval instructions:

Step 1 - Login after receiving at least one email indicating a survey has been submitted by a faculty member in your department. Your login information and password was sent in a previous email.

Step 2 – Click on the View Survey button and select a survey to review from the list.

Step 3 – Review survey answers. At the bottom of the screen select the appropriate radio button to approve or not approve survey. If “No” is selected, a text box will appear. Enter the reason(s) survey is not approved into this box. The faculty member will receive an email indicating survey was not approved and see the text entered into the text box once they login to resubmit the survey. Once resubmitted, you will receive another email.

Step 4 – Click on Submit. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to review and approve/disapprove additional surveys.

The survey status for your department can be reviewed at any time by clicking on the View Department List button.

Please direct survey form or login issues to the Office of Institutional Research and Accountability at 410-706-1264 or gspengler@umaryland.edu.