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Summer Research Program (SuRP)/Volunteer Summer Research Program

PURPOSE: The University of Maryland School of Medicine provides supervised full-time research experiences for high school (must be at least 16 years old by June 1) and undergraduate students who are currently enrolled. The purpose of the program is: 1) to encourage students to consider the possibility of a career in biomedical or clinical research and/or academic medicine; and 2) to provide students with a realistic understanding of the medical research environment.

PROJECTS AND FACULTY: Faculty in the School of Medicine who are at least Assistant Professors are research mentors. Students should apply to the program first before seeking a mentor with the assistance of the Office of Student Research.  Many of the faculty and their research interests at the School of Medicine can be viewed on-line via the Office of Student Research web site. Students will be directed towards one or more possible web pages.

DURATION: This is wholly a volunteer program that provides an 8- (high school) and 10-week programs (undergraduate) with full-time experience during the summer.  Other times can be arranged during the year when deemed appropriate.  Early applicants (i.e., Nov-Feb) will be assisted in finding external funding.

ACADEMIC CREDIT: Students who wish to obtain academic credit are urged to contact the appropriate office at their respective high schools or undergraduate institutions prior to their experience. The Office of Student Research will provide an official letter of recognition for the time spent in research.

APPLICATIONS AND DEADLINE: The application window for summer 2010 is now closed. Please visit our website again around January, 2011.

QUALIFICATIONS OF APPLICANTS: Prior research experience is not necessary. All applicants must be enrolled in school or must have accepted entrance to college, be in good standing both at the time of application and when the traineeship begins, and should have a GPA of at least 3.0 (4.0 = A) to be considered for the program. Trainees are selected on the basis of their application, transcripts, recommendations and the likelihood that they will continue their research interests.

REVIEW OF APPLICATIONS: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and an interview is usually with the student is usually required.

NOTIFICATION AND AFFIRMATION: Applicants are notified in a timely manner of their acceptance and placement commensurate with the receipt of their application.  Applicants are expected to affirm acceptance of the volunteer position within 10 calendar days.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES: Participation in the summer program includes required attendance at one of two Orientation Program (one just after Memorial Day; the other for high school students 2 weeks later), the Colloquium on Science series given by invited guests during the training period, a course on the Ethical & Responsible Conduct of Research, and the Student Research Forum on either the first or second Friday in August (the latter for high school only).

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: The Office of Student Research encourages all mentors to support presentation of high quality student papers at national scientific meetings and to acknowledge the source of student support in all publications.

REQUIREMENTS: All trainees are required to complete pre-training and post-training questionnaires, submit a scientific abstract for the forum, and submit a scientific report and narrative critique of summer activities. The scientific report and critique are to be submitted to the Office of Student Research within 10 days after the conclusion of summer activities.

All volunteers under the age of 18 need parental and school consent. Parent(s) need to complete the "Parental Consent Statement for Minor Volunteers." Adult volunteers must complete the "Volunteer Consent Statement." All forms are available from the Office of Student Research and completed forms must be submitted prior to beginning a project on the University of Maryland Baltimore campus.


Office of Student Research
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University of Maryland School of Medicine
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