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Dr. Stephen Davis Officially Welcomed as the New Chairman of the Department of Medicine

Friday, April 02, 2010

 Dr. Davis with Dean Reece.

A reception was held April 1, 2010 to officially welcome Stephen Davis, MBBS, to the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Davis, who was recruited from Vanderbilt University, is the Theodore E. Woodward Endowed Chair and Professor of the Department of Medicine. His welcome was originally scheduled for February, but unprecedented back-to-back blizzards spoiled those plans.


“When we recruited Dr. Davis, we spent a great deal of time assuring him how mild the winters were in Baltimore,” said Jeffrey Rivest, president and CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center, with a smile. “That’s called recruitment.”


During that recruitment process, though, Rivest knew right away they had found the right man for the job. “You tend to get that feeling that this is that person or it isn’t,” he said.


E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Acting President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore and Dean of the School of Medicine, agreed. “A former boss once said to me, ‘Everyone we hire will be very bright; let’s find some nice people.’ In the case of Dr. Davis, we were fortunate to get both,” he said. “Not only is he scientifically gifted, he also has wonderful interpersonal skills and it is a pleasure to interact with him.”


Dr. Davis has an important role to play as one of the central liaisons between the medical school and the medical center. “As chair of the Department of Medicine, our largest, broadest, deepest department, one that has importance to both the medical school and the entire medical center, he really gives us a strong foundation for the partnership we share with the school,” said Rivest. “It’s great to have someone with Dr. Davis’ credentials, background and reputation, and Steve has already started to give us many great ideas and open our eyes to what we can do to improve clinical research and patient care.”


In his speech, Dr. Davis thanked his predecessor, Dr. Frank Calia – now Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs for the School of Medicine – for his dedication to the department, both before Dr. Davis’ arrival and during the transition period. Dr. Davis hopes to continue in the department’s grand tradition of effective leadership. “This is an outstanding medical school and an outstanding hospital system, and we have a goal to make this institution progress to be among the top 10 medical schools in this country."


The Department of Medicine plans to play a role in that. "We want to inspiring doctors-in-training to come to the University of Maryland to learn; we want to inspire patients to seek care here; we want to inspire people to have their careers here and be successful; and we want to inspire trust, so that people will support our programs. We are going to focus on those goals and build on the fantastic foundation that has already been established here at the School of Medicine.”

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 Dr. Davis with his predecessor, Dr. Frank Calia.

 Dr. Davis brought members of his research staff with him after being recruited from Vanderbilt, and they joined him for this celebration.

 Dr. Davis thanked his wife Frances for encouraging him to pack up their family and take this opportunity in Maryland.

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