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Dean Reece Holds Welcome Receptions for Faculty, Staff and Students

Monday, September 25, 2006

Albert Reece, MD, MBA, PhD, the new dean of the School of Medicine, has wasted little time in getting to know everyone around him. He hosted a reception for faculty September 12th, held an ice-cream social for school staff September 21st; met with medical students on September 25th; and will catch up with graduate students on September 26th.

At each of these gatherings, Dean Reece laid forth his plans for the school. "I like to set ambitious but attainable goals," said  the dean at the staff reception. "I like to see people working together in an environment that is collegial but also competitive."

"There are a number of collaborative venues we want to take advantage of," the dean told faculty members when he met with them. "All I ask for is your cooperation and support. If we continue doing the things we're doing, we'll succeed together."

The history of success at the School of Medicine played a big factor in his decision to come to the university, Dean Reece said when answering questions from students. "It's a great institution," he told them. "This was a very attractive opportunity to me, because I wanted to be a part of its continued growth."

Communication will play an integral part in that growth, and Dean Reece has many ideas for how to keep the lines of communication open, despite the many demands on his time. These include a series of open letters laying out his vision for the school, as well as an electronic newsletter that will keep everyone updated on the accomplishments of faculty, staff and students.

The dean told students that he is always open to one-on-one communication as well. "Feel free to say hi when you see me," he encouraged the students. "Have great ideas? Send me an email. I'm always happy to hear great ideas."

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