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University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland Medical Center Unveil New Unified Look

Thursday, May 12, 2011

 Each of the schools at UMB now have collaborating logos, including the School of Medicine.

Common logo provides simplified, consistent external public image

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) have unveiled a new visual identity, including logos and colors, that reflects the collaboration between the two institutions. The goal of the new look is to provide a simplified and consistent external public image to students, faculty, staff, alumni, patients, referring physicians, donors and the community that is easy to recognize and visually unifying.

The new logo, the result of a year-long effort, replaces independent logos across the university's six schools and its various academic and research units and the visual identity of UMMC, an academic medical center, which is the flagship of the 12-hospital University of Maryland Medical System. The medical center is a tax-exempt entity legally separate from the university.

Unified UMB/UMMC Brand from UMB news on Vimeo.

"This university, the University of Maryland, in Baltimore, has incredible individual schools and a world-class academic medical center, all co-located on the same campus doing amazing work together. A common look will help us maximize this collaboration now and in the future,” says Jay A. Perman, M.D., president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Perman and Jeffrey A. Rivest, president and CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center, officially introduced the new logo today at an unveiling ceremony for university and hospital faculty, staff and students. "Patients who walk in the doors of the medical center every day know us as the University of Maryland. We want to make it easy for the  public to know who we are, and to understand how they benefit from the schools and the medical center working together,” says Rivest.

Many UMB students and faculty learn, carry out research and provide clinical care in UMMC facilities. The schools on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus include the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry, School of Social Work and the School of Law.  The medical center facilities and the university are physically connected in numerous locations throughout the campus.

The logo represents the pillars of Davidge Hall, the signature building on the UMB/UMMC campus at Lombard and Greene Streets and one of Baltimore’s most recognizable public landmarks.  The Davidge icon anchors both the university and the medical center in the deep historical tradition of the campus. Next year will mark the 200th anniversary when the state legislature re-chartered the College of Medicine of Maryland as the University of Maryland here in Baltimore and Davidge Hall was constructed.

The new visual identity will be seen in signage around campus, during graduation ceremonies and other events, and in publications, with the transition to be completed by Jan.1, 2012.

More information about the new visual identity can be found on the UMB website, www.umaryland.edu  and the UMMC website, www.umm.edu.

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 Dr. Perman discussed the reasons behind the logo and branding changes...

 ...before unveiling the new logo with Jeffrey A. Rivest, UMMC president and CEO.

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