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"UMB Cooks" Offers Taste of What's Inside

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

 Dave Durian (forefront) and Doug Roberts learn the secret to the praline cheesecake.

"Come, have a great lunch" University of Maryland president David Ramsay proclaimed as he mingled with the crowd gathered in Westminster Hall to taste test recipes from "UMB Cooks: The Bicentennial Edition" Cookbook. Contributors to the cookbook, including President Ramsey, partnered with local caterers to serve up samples of more than 50 recipes, from Jack Daniels-infused pumpkin soup to curry chicken salad to a praline cheesecake that had just about everyone in the hall buzzing.


Dave Durian and Doug Roberts, hosts of "The Beltway Gourmet" on WBAL Radio served as emcees for the event. Copies of "UMB Cooks" were on sale at the event, and can still be purchased for the bicentennial price of $18.07 in the Health Sciences and Human Services Library, at the UMB Bookstore or by contacting the Office of University Events at (410) 706-8035 or www.oea.umaryland.edu/cookbook.

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 School of Medicine Dean E. Albert Reece and his wife Sharon contributed a recipe to the book.

 There was a wide array of food available, from soups to meats to desserts.

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