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Institute of Human Virology Welcomed to the School of Medicine

Thursday, April 26, 2007

 Speaking at the reception were Dean Reece (from left), President Ramsay, Dr. Gallo and Stewart Greenebaum from IHV's Board of Directors.

The Institute of Human Virology has been affiliated with the University of Maryland for 10 years, but it was only this year that IHV became the University of Maryland School of Medicine's first official institute. A reception was held April 25 to welcome the Institute and its doctors, researchers and staff to the school.


"We are a major research engine for the state, the country and indeed the world," said E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, dean of the School of Medicine. "So it's very fitting to have such a strong research institute as IHV linked so integrally to the school. I look forward to our collaborative efforts and want you to know that the landscape is ours to conquer together."


The Institute of Human Virology is headed by renowned researcher Robert Gallo, MD, the man who helped discover the HIV virus that causes AIDS and who created the test to detect the virus. "We are very, very proud to have him as part of the UMB family," said David Ramsay, DM, DPhil, president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore. "In the last 10 years the Institute has blossomed and flourished under his guidance and brought enormous credit to the campus."


Dr. Gallo is not going to let past success detract from future efforts. "Without any doubt, we're looking forward to the adventure," he said of the institute's partnership with the school. "We're going to hit major sources of funding. With so much talent in infectious disease on campus, how can we miss?"


The Institute of Human Virology is just the first institute to be established on campus. Next up is The Institute for Genome Sciences, to be headed up by the newly hired Dr. Claire Fraser-Liggett.


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 Dr. Claire Fraser-Liggett will be following in Dr. Gallo's footsteps as she oversees the creation of the school's next institute, The Institute of Genome Sciences.

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