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Brian Berman and the Center featured in an "Atlantic Monthly" magazine article

June 2011

Dr. Brian Berman, founder and director of the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Medicine, was featured prominently in an article entitled The Triumph of New-Age Medicine, published in The Atlantic Monthly magazine.  It is a well-rounded article that talks about integrative medicine and how it is making an impact in health care.  The author, David Freedman, did extensive and thorough research on the subject, asking a wide variety of questions, and talking to many different people to obtain an unbiased view of the subject.  University of Maryland President Jay Perman and Dr. Lixing Lao of the Center are quoted as well, along with several skeptics.


Please click this link to read the full article:  http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/07/the-triumph-of-new-age-medicine/8554/

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