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Dr. William Rollow named new Director of Clinical Services at CIM


William Rollow, MD joined the Center for Integrative Medicine team in April 2013 as an assistant professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine, an integrative physician, and Director of Clinical Services at the Center for Integrative Medicine. 

Dr. Rollow received a BA from Harvard University in 1973, an MD from Stanford Medical School in 1977, and an MPH from University of Michigan in 1986.  He completed a residency in Family Medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago in 1980. 

Dr. Rollow came to integrative medicine as a result of his experience of the importance of approaching patients from the perspective of the whole person.  He views health problems as multi-dimensional, and consequently seeks to obtain a broad view of what might be contributing to them.  This begins with clarifying what the patient wants to accomplish, facilitating the expression of contributing factors and goals, and guiding the patient to diagnostics, prevention, therapeutics, and practices that might be helpful.

Dr. Rollow has a particular interest in healing—exploring the relationship between clinical problems and their meaning, emotional, and spiritual connections, and how this can result in improvement in health and wholeness.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rollow, please call the clinic at 410-448-6361.

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