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Aldo Iacono, MD, Awarded the Hamish S. and Christine C. Osborne Professorship in Advanced Pulmonary Care

Thursday, June 05, 2014

 Dr. Iacono and Dean Reece with Christine and Hamish Osborne

An investiture ceremony was held recently to award Aldo T. Iacono, MD the Hamish S. and Christine C. Osborne Professorship in Advanced Pulmonary Care. Dr. Iacono was among the many physicians at the School of Medicine who treated Mr. Osborne, after his diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis resulted in a life-saving double-lung transplant at the University of Maryland Medical Center a year ago.
During Mr. Osborne’s illness, his wife Christy was assured that in a year those fearful days would be just an unpleasant memory. “I am happy to report they were right,” Mrs. Osborne said with a smile, while thanking all of the medical staff during the ceremony. “I know now why Hamish survived. It wasn’t his time. Together we still have a lot of work to do. We have turned over a new chapter in our lives. We want to help others who are following in our footsteps, and today is just the beginning.” 

In good health now, Mr. Osborne expressed his appreciation for all of the medical personnel whose dedication helped ensure his survival. He called Dr. Iacono “a man to whom I owe my life; a man who tirelessly demonstrates every day and in every way the finest attributes of a physician; a man who lives the Hippocratic Oath; and a man who has become a dear friend.”
The University of Maryland School of Medicine Medical Center offers hope to many critically ill patients with advanced lung disease, and School of Medicine physician-scientists are pushing the frontier in providing answers and options for these patients by devising innovative solutions for repair, replacement and regeneration of injured lungs.

“With the time remaining for me, I hope to be able to help these talented people here, especially Drs. Iacono and [Bartley] Griffith (the Thomas E. and Alice Marie Hales Distinguished Professor in Transplant Surgery), create a world-class lung-healing program, finding even more solutions for patients suffering from end-stage lung disease,” Mr. Osborne said.

As part of the investiture ceremony, an engraved medal was presented to Dr. Iocono and a replica was given to the Osbornes.  “I would like to thank Hamish and Christine Osborne for making this endowment possible,” Dr. Iacono said. “Their generous founding gift to the School of Medicine will help build a program in advanced pulmonary care. This gift is a cornerstone for lung healing, and I am proud to be the inaugural Osborne professor.”

“It is because of endowed professorships like this that we can recruit faculty members of great significance to these positions, which continues a tradition going back 500 years,” said Dean E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Maryland, and the John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean of the School of Medicine. “The talented members of this group inspire our students, advance the frontiers of knowledge, and make discoveries that change people’s lives.”

The Office of Development is charged with securing private gifts “to ensure that the School’s tradition of excellence is sustained through robust research, outstanding clinical programs, and top-notch educational efforts,” said Brian DeFilippis, MS, Associate Dean for Development. “Endowed professorships play a critical role in our institution’s success. It is incredibly gratifying to work with generous donors such as Hamish and Christy Osborne and compassionate faculty members like Dr. Iacono. The investiture ceremony is one small way for us to convey the School’s gratitude and appreciation to donors.” 

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