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It's Graduation Day for Mini-Med School Participants

Thursday, October 04, 2007

 The Frazier family proudly shows off the diplomas Dr. Wilson presented to them.

Nearly 200 students graduated from the School of Medicine's Bicentennial Mini-Med School on October 3, 2007. This year, diplomas were awarded by former dean Donald E. Wilson, MD, MACP, who launched Mini-Med School seven years ago. Offered as a public service by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Mini-Med School is a series of tuition-free classes designed to help Baltimore-area residents improve their health and well being.

Before they could earn their diplomas though, the students had one more class to attend. It began with a presentation on transplantation by Benjamin Philosophe, MD, PhD, associate professor of Surgery. Dr. Philosophe not only spoke about the various transplantation options available, but also detailed how the organ donation registry works, a topic that led to many questions from the audience. Dr. Wilson capped off the discussion by sharing his own experience as a kidney transplant patient.

As always, Mini-Med School earned kudos from its students. "This is my fourth year, and I love it," said Ilene Miller, who attended with friend Danna Poster. "I'll be back again next year." That praise was echoed by many of the other participants, who are already counting the days until the eight annual Mini-Med School.

For some of the graduates, Mini-Med School was a family affair. Rosia and Darrell Frazier attended every session with their three children, Devon, DeveReaux and Darrea. The Fraziers left with information that will help them take charge of the health of their family.  When it comes to health, information is power. But with a smile, Dr. Wilson reminded the participants that their diplomas didn't give them the power to start writing prescriptions.

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 Ilene Miller (in blue) and Danna Poster have become regulars at Mini-Med School.

 It was deja vu for longtime Mini-Med attendees when Dr. Donald Wilson, the former dean, took the podium to oversee the graduation ceremonies.

 Participants were full of smiles as they showed off their diplomas and made plans to meet up again at next year's Mini-Med.

 Dr. Philosophe was happy to answer patient questions after his presentation.

 Fannie Smith was one of the many attendees who approached Dr. Wilson to thank him for getting Mini-Med off the ground at the School of Medicine.

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