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Dean Reece Welcomes Faculty, Staff and Students to Third Annual Ice Cream Social

 Dr. Elizabeth Tso catches up with Dean Reece.

Dean E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA welcomed more than 400 faculty, staff and students to his third annual Back to School Ice Cream Social on September 10, 2008. This informal affair offered everyone affiliated with the School of Medicine the chance to come together in a casual atmosphere to share such sweet treats as an ice cream sundae bar and Baltimore's famous Berger cookies.


Both students and staff took the time to speak one-on-one with Dean Reece as well as to catch up with each other. "We need to get some ice cream in our office," someone in the crowd was overheard saying. "I've seen everyone I've been trying to reach all week here today."


There was even an ice-cream expert on hand. Bryan Soronson, administrator for the Department of Neurology, is a gourmet ice-cream taster. A large group gathered as he shared his expertise, educating the crowd on the differences between various brands, the history of ice cream, and the meaning of ice-cream terms (what makes an ice cream "light," what is kosher ice cream, etc.).

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 Staff, students and faculty came from all over campus for a sugar high.

 The sweet treats included a sundae bar full of candy and fruit toppings.

 Students took advantage of the chance to meet Dean Reece face-to-face.

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