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Orientation Helps New Faculty Get Acquainted With the School of Medicine

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

 New faculty had the chance to ask questions about professional development and other paths to success.

Dean Reece welcomed more than 140 new faculty members to the School of Medicine with a day-long orientation on January 14, 2009. An annual event organized by the Office of Faculty Affairs Professional Development, the orientation was held in the MSTF Auditorium and Atrium.

The goal of the event was "to help new faculty find their place in our community of scholars, identify the resources they will need to be successful, map out a strategy for career development and promotion, and to identify one or more ways we hope they will 'give back' to our community through teaching and service," explained Nancy Lowitt, MD, MEd, Associate Dean for Professional Development and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine.

Faculty selected one of three workshops based on their career track, and learned about critical resources available to support them, depending on whether they were clinician educators, clinical researchers, or basic science researchers. Each workshop featured two or three speakers from throughout the School of Medicine.

The information proved to be enlightening. "I gained an appreciation of the emphasis and encouragement of the institution for faculty – and subsequently institutional – advancement," said Anne Reicherter, who recently joined the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science as an Associate Professor.

After the workshops, new faculty members had an opportunity to gather information about faculty support services and resources through special exhibition tables set up in the MSTF Atrium.

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 Attendees had the chance to gather together for lunch after a presentation from Dean E. Albert Reece.

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