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NameAcademic TitlePrimary Department
Del Canto, Filipe A Visiting Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Facey, Caroline O.B Visiting InstructorNeurology
Faden, Alan I ProfessorAnesthesiology
Fahey, Jenifer O Assistant ProfessorOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Fahmi, Fahmi Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Fairchild, Emily S Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fairfax, Seth Post Doc FellowPhysiology
Falck, Alison J Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Falta, Edward M Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Famakin, Bolanle M InstructorNeurology
Fan, Jingping Post Doc FellowPathology
Fan, Lingling Post Doc FellowProgram In Oncology
Fang, Lei Post Doc FellowCenter for Biomolecular Therapeutics
Fang, Raymond Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Fang, Shengyun Associate ProfessorPhysiology
Fang, Wei Han Clinical Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Fantry, George T Associate ProfessorMedicine
Fantry, Lori E Associate ProfessorMedicine
Farese, Ann M Assistant ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Farley, John J JR. Clinical Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Farrell, Katherine Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Farzad, Ali Clinical InstructorEmergency Medicine
Fasano, Alessio Clinical ProfessorPediatrics
Fass, Alison Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Fawcett, William P Post Doc FellowEpidemiology & Public Health
Federle, David M Clinical InstructorMedicine
Feigelman, Susan ProfessorPediatrics
Feigenberg, Steven J ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Feinstein, Sharon E Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Feldman, Marvin J Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Feldman, Ricardo A Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Feliciano, Josephine L Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Felipa, Victor R Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Feller, Erika D Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Feng, Chiguang Research AssociateMicrobiology and Immunology
Feng, Hanping Associate ProfessorSchool Of Dentistry
Ferencz, Charlotte Professor EmeritusEpidemiology & Public Health
Ferentz, Kevin S Clinical Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine
Ferguson, Andrew S Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Ferguson, Robert P Clinical ProfessorMedicine
Ferre, Sergi Adjunct Associate ProfessorPharmacology
Ferrucci, Luigi Adjunct ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Fey, Gregory C Adjunct Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Fiala, Anne-Marie J Assistant Professor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Fielder, Jon F Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fiergang, Dean L Clinical Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Film, Roy J Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy
Fink, Jeffrey C ProfessorMedicine
Finkelstein, Laura A Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Finney, R. C. Stewart Jr. Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Fireman, Lee A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Fischer, Bernard A IV Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Fischer, Beverly A Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Fischer, Kyle R Clinical InstructorEmergency Medicine
Fishbein Launse, Diana H ProfessorPsychiatry
Fishbein, David M Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fisher, Joscelyn E Adjunct InstructorPsychiatry
Fisher, Michael L Adjunct ProfessorMedicine
Fisher, Stacy D Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fisher, Steven A ProfessorMedicine
Fishman, Marc Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Fishman, Paul S ProfessorNeurology
Fiskum, Gary M ProfessorAnesthesiology
Fitterman, Victor D Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Fitzpatrick, James K InstructorAnesthesiology
Fitzpatrick, James L Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Fitzpatrick, Molly Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Fix, Alan D Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Flaherty, Lois Adjunct Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Flaim, Jennifer K Visiting InstructorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Flajnik, Martin F ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Flammer, Kristin M Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Flanagan, Constance N Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Flasar, Mark H Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fleisher, Albert S Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fleiter, Thorsten R Associate ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Fleurimond, Christine M Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Fligsten, Kenneth Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Floccare, Douglas J Clinical Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Flores, Raymond H Associate ProfessorMedicine
Flower, Robert W Associate Professor (Non-Adjunct Faculty)Ophthalmology
Fontaine, Magali Associate ProfessorPathology
Forman, Joshua S Clinical InstructorMedicine
Forman, Sandra A Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Forrester, Anique K Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Forrester, Jenny R Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Forrester, Larry W Associate ProfessorPhysical Therapy
Forrester, Terrence E Adjunct ProfessorNeurology
Fortier, Dwight N Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Fossett, Nancy G Associate ProfessorPathology
Foster, Cortney B Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Fouche-Weber, LaRita Y Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Fowler, David R Clinical Associate ProfessorPathology
Fox, Kathleen M Adjunct Associate ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Fox, Renee E Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Foxwell, Milford M Jr. Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Foxworthy, William A Post Doc FellowPediatrics
Fraiman, Mark H Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Franklin, Christopher M Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Franklin, Renty B ProfessorSchool Of Dentistry
Franklin, Thomas N Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Franks, Teri J Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fraser, Claire M ProfessorMedicine
Frassica, Deborah A Clinical Associate ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Frassica, Frank J Clinical ProfessorOrthopaedics
Frattali, Sarah J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fraumeni, Joseph F Jr. Adjunct ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Frayha, Neda Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Frazier, Aletta A Clinical Associate ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Fredman, Lisa Adjunct Associate ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Freeman, David J Clinical InstructorEmergency Medicine
French, Linda C Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Frenkel, Victor Interim Visiting Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Fresnay, Stephanie Post Doc FellowPediatrics
Fricke, W. Florian Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Friedel, Samuel D Clinical Associate ProfessorOphthalmology
Friedman, Gary Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Frieman, Matthew B Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Fripp, Natelaine E Clinical Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Frisch, Melissa Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Frost, Douglas O ProfessorPharmacology
Fu, Mao Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Fuche, Fabien Post Doc FellowMedicine
Fujikawa, Janet Clinical InstructorEpidemiology & Public Health
Fuller, Rebecca L M Adjunct Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Fulton, Amy M ProfessorPathology
Fulton, Carmen R Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Furtmuller, Georg J Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Anatomy Neurobiology
Furuno, Jon P Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Furusawa, Aki Post Doc FellowProgram In Oncology
Fuscaldo, Joseph M Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Omotade, Aderonke O Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry