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NameAcademic TitlePrimary Department
Kim, Soohyun P Post Doc FellowMedicine
Padia, Janak Interim Visiting Assistant ProfessorBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Padmanabhan, Sriram Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Palermo, Robert A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPathology
Palladino, Richard Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Pallan, John Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Pallone, Thomas L ProfessorMedicine
Palrasu, Manikandan Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Panda, Aruna Assistant ProfessorPathology
Panzarella, Philip F Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Papadimitriou, John C ProfessorPathology
Papaminas, Catherine I Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Pardo, J Michael Clinical Assistant ProfessorOtorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Pardo, Juan M Clinical InstructorOtorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Paredes Ramos, Pedro Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Parekh, Palak R Post Doc FellowProgram In Oncology
Parikh, Ravi H Post Doc FellowMedicine
Park, Kyung-Su Post Doc FellowSurgery
Park, Myung H Associate ProfessorMedicine
Park, Sang H Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Parker, Donna L Associate ProfessorMedicine
Parrott, Maureen A Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Parsa, Afshin Associate ProfessorMedicine
Parshall, James W Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Parsons, Deirdre Assistant ProfessorMedical and Research Technology
Pasetti, Marcela F ProfessorPediatrics
Pasley, Jason D Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Pass, Carolyn J Clinical Assistant ProfessorDermatology
Passaniti, Antonino ProfessorPathology
Passen, Selvin Adjunct Assistant ProfessorPathology
Passmore, Susan R Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Epidemiology & Public Health
Patel, Ami M Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Patel, Devang M Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Patel, Himati P Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Patel, Mira Post Doc FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
Patel, Sachin B Assistant InstructorMedicine
Patel, Sameer R Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Pathak, Ambadas Clinical Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Pathan, Mohammed Y Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Patil, Seema A Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Patrick, Brad A Academic FellowPharmacology
Patronas, Marena Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Patterson, Tara C Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Patton, Eileen M Assistant ProfessorMedical and Research Technology
Paunovic, Ana Clinical InstructorMedicine
Pauza, C. David ProfessorMedicine
Pavlova, Nadejda V Research AssociateMicrobiology and Immunology
Pavlovic, Radmila Research FellowRadiation Oncology
Pazgier, Marzena E Assistant ProfessorBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Pearce, Michelle J Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Pearl, Jonathan P Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Pearl, Kevin P Clinical InstructorEmergency Medicine
Pearson, Frederick Clinical Associate ProfessorDermatology
Pedra, Joao H.F Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Peeke, Pamela M Clinical Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Pei, Y Veronica Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Pelaez, Nadia V InstructorMedicine
Pellicciari, Roberto Adjunct ProfessorPsychiatry
Penafiel, Jay B Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Peng, Jun Post Doc FellowOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Peng, Zhongsheng Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Penn, Raymond B Adjunct ProfessorMedicine
Pennant, Marjorie A Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Pensy, Raymond A Assistant ProfessorOrthopaedics
Pereira Albuquerque, Edna F Associate ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Pereira, Kevin D ProfessorOtorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Perencevich, Eli N Adjunct Associate ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Perez, Gina M Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Perez-Alard, Jorge Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Perez-Pouchoulen, Miguel Rogelio del Angel Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Perkins, Darren J Research AssociateMicrobiology and Immunology
Perkins, John C Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Perkins, Nicholas E Visiting InstructorMedicine
Perlmutter, Richard A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Perman, Jay A ProfessorPediatrics
Perrotti, Danilo ProfessorMedicine
Peters, Barry S Adjunct ProfessorMedicine
Peters, Richard B Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Peters, Robert W Clinical ProfessorMedicine
Pham, Phat P Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Pham, Si M ProfessorSurgery
Pham, Thuy V Clinical Instructor FellowEmergency Medicine
Phatak, Pornima Post Doc FellowSurgery
Phelan, Michael W Associate ProfessorSurgery
Phillips, Jay Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Phillips, Nancy L Clinical InstructorMedical and Research Technology
Phillips, Sheridan Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Phipps, Michael S Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Phumaphi, Lindani Clinical InstructorPhysical Therapy
Piao, Wenji Research AssociateMicrobiology and Immunology
Pickering, Edward M Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Pido, Bongomin Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Pidugu, Lakshmi Swarna M Post Doc FellowBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Pielago, Jose Martin S Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Anatomy Neurobiology
Piepenbrink, Kurt H Post Doc FellowInstitute Of Human Virology
Pierce, Adam Post Doc FellowBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Pierre-Mathieu, Rachelle B Clinical Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Pierson, Richard N III ProfessorSurgery
Pietris, Nicholas P Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Pimentel, Laura Clinical Associate ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Pincus, Kathleen J Assistant ProfessorSchool Of Pharmacy
Pine-Twaddell, Elyse D Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Pineiro, Silvia A Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Pineles, Lisa L Research AssociateEpidemiology & Public Health
Pinkney, Kerrie A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Pittas, Julie Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Plachez, Celine Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Plantholt, Stephen J Clinical InstructorMedicine
Plotnick, Gary D Clinical ProfessorMedicine
Plowe, Christopher ProfessorMedicine
Pocivavsek, Ana InstructorPsychiatry
Polf, Jerimy C Assistant ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Poli, Guido Adjunct ProfessorMedicine
Polk, Timothy D Clinical Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Pollak, Andrew N ProfessorOrthopaedics
Pollin, Toni I Associate ProfessorMedicine
Polsky, M Brian Clinical Assistant ProfessorOrthopaedics
Polster, Brian M Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Polumuri, Swamy K Research AssociateMicrobiology and Immunology
Pomerantz, Seymour Professor EmeritusBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Poonia, Bhawna Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Popovic, Mikulas Adjunct ProfessorMedicine
Port, Ava M Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Porter, Neil C Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Posner, David B Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Postel, Sandra Post Doc FellowInstitute Of Human Virology
Postolache, Teodor T ProfessorPsychiatry
Potosky, Darryn R Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Powell, Elizabeth Associate ProfessorAnatomy Neurobiology
Powell, Shanta Ph Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Powers III, John H Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Pozharskiy, Edvin Assistant ProfessorBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Prado, Karl L ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Praetorius, Mark J Post Doc FellowSurgery
Prantner, Daniel J Academic FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
Prasad, Joni M Academic FellowCenter for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases
Preslan, Mark W Clinical Associate ProfessorOphthalmology
Prettyman, Michelle G. Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy
Price, Thomas R Professor (Non-Adjunct Faculty)Epidemiology & Public Health
Prior, Steven J Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Pritchard, Jennifer M Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Prosser, Benjamin L Adjunct Assistant ProfessorPhysiology
Pruitt, David B ProfessorPsychiatry
Prybys, Katherine Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Puche, Adam C Associate ProfessorAnatomy Neurobiology
Puett, Robin Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Maryland College Park
Pugatch, Robert D ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Pula, Thaddeus Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Pumplin, David W Professor (Adjunct Faculty I I)Anatomy Neurobiology
Punch, Laurie J Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Pupkin, Marcus Clinical ProfessorOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Puranik, Purushotamachar Research AssociatePharmacology
Pustilnik, Sean Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry