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NameAcademic TitlePrimary Department
Forrester, Terrence E Adjunct ProfessorNeurology
Higgs, Amanda S InstructorOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Saba, Magdi M Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sabirzhanov, Boris Post Doc FellowShock, Trauma & Anesthesiology Research (STAR)
Sabnis, Gauri J Assistant ProfessorPharmacology
Sabshin, Melvin Clinical ProfessorPsychiatry
Sacci, John B Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Sachdeva, Ashutosh Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sack, Paul A Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sadler, John H Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Saeedi, Osamah J Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Safeer, Richard S Clinical Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Saha, Progyaparamita Post Doc FellowSurgery
Saharia, Kapil K Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Saidel, Donald H Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Saito, Rikka Post Doc FellowDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Sajadi, Mohammad M Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sakellariou, Paraskevi Post Doc FellowPhysiology
Saladino, Andrew J Associate ProfessorPathology
Saleeb, Paul G Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Salemi, Parissa Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Salenger, Rawn Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Saliaris, Anastasios P Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Salimi, Shabnam Post Doc FellowRadiation Oncology
Salkeld, John Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Salvato, Maria S ProfessorMedicine
Salzberg, Daniel J Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sam-Agudu, Nadia A Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Sambat, Michael G Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Samet, Ron E Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Samorodin, Charles S Clinical Associate ProfessorDermatology
San Juan, Ronald R Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Sanchez, Ana M Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Sanchez, Pablo G Post Doc FellowSurgery
Sanders, Wendy W InstructorEpidemiology & Public Health
Sandler, Lawrence Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Sandson, Neil B Clinical Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Sannegowda, Kumar M Visiting Research AssociateMicrobiology and Immunology
Sanses, Tatiana V Assistant ProfessorOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Sansur, Charles A Assistant ProfessorNeurosurgery
Santoro, Eliana InstructorPsychiatry
Sapkota, Amir Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Maryland College Park
Sapkota, Amy R Associate ProfessorUniversity of Maryland College Park
Sarkar, Chinmoy Post Doc FellowShock, Trauma & Anesthesiology Research (STAR)
Sarkar, Rajabrata ProfessorSurgery
Sarkar, Saiyad A Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sarsfield, Gregory R Clinical Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Satterlee, Shelley A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Saunders, Elijah Clinical ProfessorMedicine
Saunders, Sharon E Washington Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sausville, Edward A ProfessorMedicine
Savarese, Anne M Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Savin, Douglas N Jr. Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy
Sawhney, Hanita K Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Sawyer, Robert Clinical Associate ProfessorOtorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Saxena, Neeraj K Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Saxena, Ruchi Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Scalea, Thomas M ProfessorSurgery
Scanlon, Karen M. Post Doc FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
Scardillo, Janette M Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Scavella, Erica M Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Schabelman, Esteban Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Schade, Mark E Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Schaeffer, Allen H Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Schanilec, Laura Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Scharf, Steven M ProfessorMedicine
Schech, Amanda Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Scheibner, Kara A Assistant Professor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physiology
Schendel, Kevin G Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Schenerman, Mark A Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMedical and Research Technology
Schenkel, Stephen M Associate ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Scherer, Roberta W Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Schieken, Lawrence S Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Schiffman, Jason E Associate ProfessorUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
Schimpff, Stephen C Clinical ProfessorMedicine
Schinkel, Colleen G Assistant ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Schisterman, Enrique F Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Schmaljohn, Alan L ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Schmaljohn, Connie W Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Schmidt, Jennifer M Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Schmidt, Peter J Clinical Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Schnaper, Lauren A Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Schneider, Craig S Research FellowNeurosurgery
Schneider, Donald R Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Schneider, Martin F ProfessorBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Schneider, Roger E Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Schocket, Lisa S Clinical Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Schoenbaum, Geoffrey Adjunct ProfessorAnatomy Neurobiology
Schoonover, Frances W Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Schreiber, Jonathan B Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Schreibman, David L Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Schreter, Robert K Clinical Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Schriml, Lynn M Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Schroder, David T Clinical Assistant ProfessorOrthopaedics
Schroeder, Pamela R Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Schuh, Rosemary A Adjunct Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Schulze, Dan H Associate ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Schumacher, John G Associate ProfessorUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
Schwarcz, Robert ProfessorPsychiatry
Schwartz, David B Clinical ProfessorOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Schwartz, Howard Jeffrey Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Schwartz, Marcia F Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Schwartz, Robert P Clinical Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Schweitzer, Eugene J ProfessorSurgery
Sciadini, Marcus Associate ProfessorOrthopaedics
Scilla, Ryan M Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Scott, Casey R Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Scott, David W Adjunct ProfessorSurgery
Scott, Jessica Clinical InstructorPediatrics
Scott, Sunni Houston InstructorOphthalmology
Scovill, William A Clinical ProfessorSurgery
Sears, Andrew L ProfessorUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
Sears, Khandra T Post Doc FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
See, Vincent Y Jr. Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Seidel, Ramona G Clinical Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Seliger, Stephen L Associate ProfessorMedicine
Selinger, Stephen R Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sellman, Michael S Clinical Associate ProfessorNeurology
Seneviratne, Chamindi Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Serena, Gloria Research FellowPediatrics
Serpi, Tracey B Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Serra, Monica C Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Serrero, Ginette Adjunct ProfessorSchool Of Pharmacy
Sesia, Thibaut Post Doc FellowAnatomy Neurobiology
Sethi, Sonal Research FellowPediatrics
Sethuraman, Girish Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Sethuraman, Kinjal Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Severo, Maiara S Research FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
Sevier, Linda N Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Sexton, Carlton C Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Seymour Jr, Thomas Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Shackelford, Stacy A Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Shaefer, Sarah J Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Shafrir, Yuval Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Shah, Aparna P Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Shah, Kamini InstructorMedicine
Shah, Kunal B InstructorMedicine
Shah, Manish D Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Shah, Monica R Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Shah, Nirav G Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Shah, Paulesh K Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Shahabdeen, Simi InstructorMedicine
Shaham, Yavin Adjunct ProfessorAnatomy Neurobiology
Shahin, Mohamed Amr Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Shahzad, Mohsin Post Doc FellowOtorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Shakil, Huma Clinical InstructorMedicine
Shamoo, Adil E ProfessorBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Shamsuddin, Abulkalam ProfessorPathology
Shanahan, Patrick Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Shanholtz, Carl B Associate ProfessorMedicine
Shanmuganathan, Kathirkama ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Shao, Xiangrong Clinical InstructorMedicine
Shao, Zuoyi Assistant ProfessorAnatomy Neurobiology
Shar, Marcus Z Adjunct Assistant ProfessorSchool Of Law
Sharfstein, Joshua M Adjunct ProfessorPediatrics
Sharfstein, Steven S Clinical ProfessorPsychiatry
Sharma, Arjun Visiting InstructorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Sharma, Navesh K Assistant ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Sharma, Poornima Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sharma, Sudhish Post Doc FellowCenter for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases
Sharma, Susheel K Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Shaughnessy, Marianne Associate ProfessorSchool Of Nursing
Shaw, Billina R Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Shaw, Dana K Post Doc FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
Shaya, Fadia T Assistant ProfessorSchool Of Pharmacy
Shea-Donohue, Terez ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Sheagren, Judith Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Shebairo, Keith A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Shekhar, Raj Adjunct Associate ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Shelhamer, James H Adjunct ProfessorAnesthesiology
Shell, Donald Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Shelton, Preston G Clinical Assistant ProfessorSchool Of Dentistry
Shen, Cynthia S Clinical Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Shen, Jun Post Doc FellowRadiation Oncology
Shen, Steve Y Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Shen, Wei-Bin Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Shenassa, Edmond D Associate ProfessorUniversity of Maryland College Park
Sheneberger, Robert L Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Shepard, Eric K Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Shepard, Paul D Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Shere-Wolfe, Kalpana D Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sheridan, Martin J Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sherwin, Roger W Adjunct ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Shet, Narendra Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Sheth, Kevin N Adjunct Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Shi, Jun Research FellowBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Shi, Xiutao Post Doc FellowRadiation Oncology
Shi, Yuhong Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Shih, David C Adjunct InstructorEpidemiology & Public Health
Shillingford, Saidia A Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Shin, Robert K Associate ProfessorNeurology
Shin, Taehoon Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Shingleton, Davis H Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Shipley, Jason M Assistant Professor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Shipley, Michael T ProfessorAnatomy Neurobiology
Shipley, Steven T Assistant ProfessorPathology
Shirey, Kari Ann Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Shirokobrod, Yevgeny Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Shirtliff, Mark E Associate ProfessorSchool Of Dentistry
Shkullaku, Melsjan InstructorMedicine
Shoffner, Joanna Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Epidemiology & Public Health
Shomali, Mansur E Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Shorofsky, Stephen R ProfessorMedicine
Shpritz, Louis A Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Shubin, Charles I Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Shubin, Sherri A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Shuldiner, Alan R ProfessorMedicine
Shuler, C Mark Clinical InstructorPsychiatry
Shulman, Lisa M ProfessorNeurology
Si, Yuan Post Doc FellowNeurosurgery
Siaton, Bernadette C Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Siddiqi, Imran E Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Siddiqui, Mohummad Minhaj Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Siddiqui, Osama T Post Doc FellowCenter for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases
Sides, James Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Sidhu, Sukhwant InstructorAnesthesiology
Sidhu, Sunjeet Clinical InstructorMedicine
Siebert, Stephen W Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Siegel, Eliot L ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Siegel, Madelyn J Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Siegel, Neil M Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Siegelbaum, Marc H Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Sigman, David G Clinical InstructorSurgery
Sikazwe, Izukanji T Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sikorski, Robert A Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Silber, Glenn M Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Silhan, Leann L Clinical InstructorMedicine
Silva, Kathryn N Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Silver, Ann-Louise Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Silver, Dana L Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Silver, Kristi D Associate ProfessorMedicine
Silver, Stuart B Clinical ProfessorPsychiatry
Silverberg, Steven G Professor EmeritusPathology
Silverman, Henry J ProfessorMedicine
Silverman, Ronald P Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Silverstein, Emanuel H Clinical Associate ProfessorDermatology
Silvestri, Giovannino Post Doc FellowProgram In Oncology
Simard, J Marc ProfessorNeurosurgery
Simhan, Nara S Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Simon, Liliana Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Simon, Raphael Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Simon, Thomas Post Doc FellowCenter for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases
Sina, Bahram Clinical ProfessorDermatology
Singer, Harvey S Clinical ProfessorNeurology
Singer, Joshua H Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Maryland College Park
Singh, Devinder Associate ProfessorSurgery
Singh, Harvinder Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Singh, Ishwar S Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Singh, Nevil J Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Singh, Zeba Assistant ProfessorPathology
Singla, Manav Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Singleton, Robert Associate Professor EmeritusMedicine
Sisk, Jeanne M Post Doc FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
Sitaras, Panayiotis Clinical InstructorNeurosurgery
Sivaraman, Vadivelu Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Sivasilam, Sankaravadivu Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sjaarda, Raymond N Clinical Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Sjodin, Raymond Professor EmeritusBiophysics
Skerry, Ciaran M Post Doc FellowMicrobiology and Immunology
Skinner, Craig J Post Doc FellowMedicine
Sklar, Geoffrey N Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Skrenta, Allan W Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Slade, Eric P Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Slater, Leigh Ann Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Slawson, Robert Clinical Associate Professor (Non-Adjunct Faculty)Radiation Oncology
Slesarev, Alexei I Adjunct ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Slezak, Sheri ProfessorSurgery
Sliker, Clint W Associate ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Sloane, Peter J Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Slobogean, Myron Gerard Clinical Assistant Professor (Non-Adjunct Faculty)Orthopaedics
Smedley, Angela D Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Smith, Blaine E Clinical Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Smith, Cynthia A Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Smith, Daniela Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Smith, Gordon S ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Smith, Mark F Associate ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Smith, Marsha R Adjunct InstructorEpidemiology & Public Health
Smith, Nathaniel H Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Smith, Samuel Clinical Associate ProfessorOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Smith, Tyler K Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Smoot, Roy T Clinical InstructorSurgery
Smyth, Mary J Assistant ProfessorPathology
Snedeker, Kristie L Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Snitker, Soren Associate ProfessorMedicine
Snow, Dorothy A Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Snyder, Greg A Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Socha, Barbara Clinical InstructorMedicine
Soderstrom, Carl A Adjunct ProfessorSurgery
Sofranko, Alan D Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Sokal, Dina R Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Solberg, Kim K Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Soliman, Joseph A Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurosurgery
Solomon, Clifford T Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurosurgery
Solomon, Mayer Clinical InstructorPsychiatry
Som, Joydeep Clinical Assistant ProfessorOtorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Sommerkamp, Sarah K Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Song, Chang Post Doc FellowPsychiatry
Song, Danny Y Clinical Associate ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Song, Hong Research AssociatePhysiology
Song, Yang Post Doc FellowInstitute for Genome Sciences
Soodan, Ajay Clinical InstructorMedicine
Soovere, Ilo Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Sorkin, John D ProfessorMedicine
Soudry, Gabriel Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Soulen, Jeffrey L Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Sours, Chandler Post Doc FellowDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Southall, Nikkita F Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Souweine, Edward T Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sow, Samba O Adjunct ProfessorMedicine
Sowah, Leonard A Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Spangler, Ryan Clinical Instructor FellowEmergency Medicine
Spanier, Adam J Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Spier, Scott A Clinical Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Spiggle, Wayne C Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Spriggs, Shardell Post Doc FellowBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Sprouse, Gary Clinical InstructorMedicine
Squibb, Katherine S ProfessorMedicine
Srinivasan, Rajagopal Clinical Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Sriramajayam, Kannappan Post Doc FellowPharmacology
Srivastava, Mukta C Assistant ProfessorMedicine
St. George, Diane Marie M Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Staats, Paul N Assistant ProfessorPathology
Stabler, Diane Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Stafford, J Lawrence Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Stahl, Kathryn M Clinical InstructorEmergency Medicine
Stains, Joseph P Associate ProfessorOrthopaedics
Stamatos, Nicholas M Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Stambach, Cynthia C Adjunct InstructorMedical and Research Technology
Stampfer, David S Clinical Associate ProfessorSurgery
Staropoli, Catherine Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Starr, Barnaby F Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Stass, Sanford A ProfessorPathology
Steers, John A Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Stegman, Charles D Clinical InstructorFamily Medicine
Stein, Deborah M Associate ProfessorSurgery
Stein, Emily Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Stein, Rona L Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Stein, Stephanie M.A Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Steinberger, Eileen K Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Steinle, Nanette I Associate ProfessorMedicine
Stellato, Cristiana Adjunct Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Stephan, Sharon H Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Stephens, Christopher T Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Stephens, Sarah H Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Steppa, Scott M Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Stern, Barney J ProfessorNeurology
Stern, Samuel N Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Steven, Andrew J Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Stewart, David L Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine
Stewart, Eric Instructor (Adjunct Faculty I)Physical Therapy
Stiller, John W Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Stine, O Colin ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Stoica, Bogdan A Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Stone, Jacqueline Clinical InstructorPhysical Therapy
Stone, Roger M Clinical Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Storch, Daniel D Clinical Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Stoszek, Sonia K Adjunct InstructorEpidemiology & Public Health
Stowe, Sean D Post Doc FellowCenter for Biomolecular Therapeutics
Strahan, Susan T Clinical Assistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Strain, Francis X Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Stramucci, Lorenzo Research FellowProgram In Oncology
Strauch, Eric D Associate ProfessorSurgery
Straumanis, John P Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Strauss, Erik R Assistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Strauss, Joseph E Clinical InstructorOrthopaedics
Streeten, Elizabeth Associate ProfessorMedicine
Strickland, Dudley K ProfessorSurgery
Strickland, G Thomas Adjunct ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Strome, Scott E ProfessorOtorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Strovel, Erin T Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Stuart, Bruce C ProfessorSchool Of Pharmacy
Stuart, Mary E ProfessorUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
Stull Jr, Donald E Adjunct Associate ProfessorEpidemiology & Public Health
Sturpe, Deborah Assistant ProfessorSchool Of Pharmacy
Su, Jian Post Doc FellowPathology
Su, Yan Research AssociateMicrobiology and Immunology
Suggs, Adrienne H Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Summerfelt, Ann T InstructorPsychiatry
Summers, Michael F Adjunct Associate ProfessorBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Sun, Chen-Chih ProfessorPathology
Sun, Wenji Research AssociateSurgery
Sun, Xiao Jian Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Sundararajan, Sripriya Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Sundberg, Eric J Associate ProfessorMedicine
Sunkara, Udayabhask Clinical Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Sunness, Janet S Clinical ProfessorOphthalmology
Suntharalingam, Mohan ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Susel, Richard M Clinical Assistant ProfessorOphthalmology
Sward, Douglas G Clinical Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Swee, Martha T Clinical Assistant ProfessorPediatrics
Swehla, Brian P Assistant ProfessorDiagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Swietlikowski, Jamie E InstructorOB GYN & Reproductive Science
Swope, Thomas J Clinical InstructorSurgery
Sydney, Sam V Clinical Assistant ProfessorOrthopaedics
Syed, Saif U Clinical InstructorDermatology
Szalwinski, Bryan D Interim Visiting Assistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Szkotnicki, Michael S Clinical Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine
Szmacinski, Henryk Associate ProfessorBioChemistry&Molecular Biology
Sztein, Marcelo B Associate ProfessorPediatrics