b'Hands-on Experience Brings National RecognitionIn the two years since the University of Maryland Center for Hand ®ular onsite certified hand Upper Extremity Care opened within the modern 10,000 square-foottherapist services. With hand or home of University of Maryland Orthopaedics at Camden Yards, theupper extremity surgeons now Hand Center, as its known, has grown in stature and patient capacity.available virtually every day, he Under the direction ofRaymond A. Pensy, MD,Associate Professor ofsays, any patient can be seen Orthopaedics, the Hand Center, located inside the southern end of thethe same day for any acute injury. century-old Camden Yards Warehouse building adjacent to Orioles Park,We treat more upper extremity has made impressive gains. In addition to receiving accreditation forfractures than anybody else in the University of Marylands first-ever hand fellowship, new faculty hires areState of Maryland. adding depth to the team and increasing the number of patients treated at the Center. At the same time, numerous research projects continue toAdding depth to capacity, in push the boundaries of the future of hand and upper extremity care. October 2018 hand specialist Christopher Langhammer, MD, Due to the addition of handpatients each day compared toPhD, Assistant Professor of specialists at the Hand Center,a year ago, notes Dr. Pensy. InOrthopaedics, joined the team. were seeing substantially moreaddition, the Center now hasNow, we have the ability to provide comprehensive upper extremity care 24/7/365, explains Dr. Pensy. Additional faculty help makes access to care for patients more efficient and customer focused. Everybody is committed, he says. UMSOMS FIRST HAND FELLOWSHIPIn 2018, the Hand Center received word from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education that a new one-year hand and upper extremity fellowship program was approved. Orthopaedic Hand and Upper Extremity Faculty (L to R): Christopher G Langhammer, MD, PhD;Ngozi M. Akabudike, MD; Elizabeth Langhammer, MD; Joshua M. Abzug, MD; Raymond A. Pensy, MD10CONNECTING WITH QUALITY: A Renewed Focus on Value-Based Care'