b'Our Mission: Quality Care, Outstanding ValueOver the past two years of 2018-19,University of MarylandProgram), which has added world-Orthopaedics has continued to make major strides across the board inclass scientists to our faculty. maintaining our national reputation as a premier center for advancedOf course, challenges remainour patient care in literally every aspect of orthopaedicsand as anresearchers face an increasingly extraordinary hub for groundbreaking basic and clinical research, focusedcompetitive landscape with on providing value to our patients while creating the advanced care ofregard to NIH funding. In addition, tomorrow. As an engine of transformation, our department continued tothe dual responsibilities that exceed expectations in every area of endeavorresearch funding, clinicalour faculty members face in care delivery, outpatient visits, and published workswhile maintainingbeing practicing clinicians and our standing commitment to safety, efficacy, and reliability. independent investigators can Sustaining this upward trajectorypast two years. As a major driversometimes cause demanding time would be impossible without aof discovery, an active researchconstraints. However, in this regard, concerted and collaborative effortagenda ensures that our clinicalcollaboration again proves to be by all of our colleagues, fromenterprise achieves even greaterthe key. By creating support teams division heads to teaching faculty,results through the transferof clinicians around individual and from world-class researchersof therapeutics from bench toresearchers, we are able to provide to residents. Our departmentbedside. To that end, we havethem with the flexibility to pursue continues to redefine the meaningrecruited young investigators whothe design and execution of of innovation on a daily basis,possess tremendous promise inrigorous scientific projects.whether the task at hand is abecoming NIH-funded clinician- Another, equally important surgical procedure, a didacticscientists. At the same time, weand ongoing focus within UM lecture, or a lab investigation. have benefited from the UM SchoolOrthopaedics is the realization of One of my chief sources of prideof Medicines bold new recruitmentvalue-based healthcare. Achieving is the significant growth of ourinitiative, STRAP (Special Trans- value requires an unwavering scientific programs over theDisciplinary Recruitment Awardcommitment to quality. To meet this goal, our department has'