b'Our department continues to redefine the meaningof innovation on a daily basis, whether the task at hand is a surgical procedure, a didactic lecture, or a live investigation. Andrew Pollak, MDThe James Lawrence Kernan Professor and Chair, Department of Orthopaedics taken measures to assure thatand Trauma. And our new one- are committed to making UM we are working diligently toyear ACGME-accredited Hand andOrthopaedics one of the best minimize complications and reduceUpper Extremity Fellowship offersdepartments in the country for readmission rates, to improvefellows the unique opportunity forpatients to receive high-quality, patient experience, and to maximizea focused experience in free-tissuehigh-value orthopaedic care.patient-reported outcomes. Equallytransfer at the R Adams CowleyThank you for your interest and essential to the value-basedShock Trauma Center in additionsupport and please enjoy this healthcare formula is a commitmentto a diverse experience in the moreAnnual Report.to cost controldecreasingtraditional areas of hand surgery. Sincerely,the price our patients pay forI hope this introduction provides procedures and working to decreaseyou with a glimpse of the important the total cost of care. In that regard,and even transformative activities we have led system-wide effortsthat are continuing to unfold to achieve competitive pricing forwithin our department, as we seek implants for procedures such asto set the pace for the future of spinal fusions and joint replacement,orthopaedics both in the laboratoryAndrew Pollak, M.D. while adding substantially to theand clinical settings. We remainThe James Lawrence Kernan Professor number of our free-standing clinicalprivileged to be home to a growingand Chair, Department of Orthopaedics,sites outside of the hospital settingnumber of highly motivated,University of Maryland Schoolwhere care can be delivered toof Medicine highly accomplished, and highlyChief of Orthopaedics, Universitypatients at substantially decreaseddedicated faculty members who of Maryland Medical Systemcost and increased convenience In education, we enjoy a reputation as one of the nations best in delivering premier opportunities for medical students, residents and fellows. Our Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program, renowned for its unique surgical skills component, and which consistently ranks among the most competitive in the country, was recently commended by the ACGME for the third consecutive year for its substantial compliance with program requirements, as were our fellowship programs in Spine Department of Orthopaedics2019Annual Report'