b'Many Paths to a Pain-Free LifeKendall Buraimoh, MD,Assistant Professor of Neurology andmore popular. Back pain affects Orthopaedics, grew up in Marylands Calvert County, so her return topeople of all ages. Whether its Maryland from Michigan in 2018 as a nonoperative spine physiatrist atretirees, workers, or athletes, she UMSOM was a literal homecoming. More important, she brought with hersays, people are turning to us for a skillset certain to reshape the treatment plans for a rising number ofways to help them get back to patients seeking nonsurgical alternatives to a range of musculoskeletalwork, back to working out, or just issues. Her experience in interventional spine procedures, ultrasoundenjoying their lives.guided musculoskeletal injections, electromyography and nerve conduction studies, and musculoskeletal pain management adds a The origins of physiatry date to new dimension in orthopaedic medicine at UMSOM, while offering World War I, when many soldiers new hope to patients. came home suffering from traumatic war injuries, especially amputations. The early specialists had an engineering mindset, explains Dr. Buraimoh. They worked on improving prosthetic devices and focused on how you can you live your best life while dealing with traumatic injury. Today, physiatrists perform a wide range of nonoperative procedures on patients who have spinal and sports-related injuries as well as other musculoskeletal problems. These procedures are often combined with medically supervised exercise therapies to restore mobility and function in patients who might otherwise elect to proceed with surgery. As a nonoperative spine physiatrist, Dr. Buraimoh provides nonsurgicalIn the hospital setting, physiatrists alternatives to a range of musculoskeletal issues. commonly treat patients who have had an amputation, spinal Physiatry, also known as physicalhave been around for some time,cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain medicine and rehabilitation, isshe explains, but as people ageinjury, or other debilitating injury. a relatively new specialty withbetter and expect to live relativelyHelping patients navigate a variety venerable roots. These techniquespain free, the field is becomingof issues, physiatrists typically 18CONNECTING WITH QUALITY: A Renewed Focus on Value-Based Care'