b'The Backbone of Spine Carenonoperative alternatives using a collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach.COLLABORATION ACROSS DISCIPLINESNow, under one roof, we offer services including surgery, nonoperative musculoskeletal options, physical therapy, radiology, and pain management, he says. And, were beginning to employ robotics to improve our surgical skills and do procedures that are minimally invasive. Robotic surgery can be more efficient and offer less radiation exposure, faster recovery, Dr. Stephen Ludwig at UM Orthopaedics Center for Spinal Surgery. and, theoretically, a faster return to work, he says. When UM spine surgeonSteven C. Ludwig, MD,Professor ofWith the hiring of Kendall Orthopaedics and Head of the Division of Spine Surgery in theBuraimoh, MD, Assistant Department of Orthopaedics, talks about the UM Spine Center atProfessor of Neurology and Camden Yards, which opened in November 2018, hes bullish about theOrthopaedics, the Spine Center power of collaboration. Its the most exciting thing thats happened overnow also has a physiatrist on the past year, he says. From a patients point of view, getting the rightstaff, a musculoskeletal expert on care team together under one roof can be among the most frustratingnonsurgical treatments that focus things about their care. The new Spine Center, he says, is almost like aspecifically on spine problems. As it one-stop shop. turns out, most people dont need spine surgery, explains Dr. Ludwig. Considering the extent of spineshop. With the opening of theWhat they need is someone who health expertise within theSpine Center, says Dr. Ludwig,can help them get a result thats Department of Orthopaedics,we now have a nationallybest for them. its a pretty comprehensiverecognized, integrated spine Considering the extent of spineservice offering treatments from health expertise within theminimally invasive spinal surgery Department of Orthopaedics,to large adult reconstructive its a pretty comprehensivedeformity procedures, along with 16CONNECTING WITH QUALITY: A Renewed Focus on Value-Based Care'