b'plate injuries. At the same time, he continues, we are trying toThe best part of my job is you can take understand how to prevent these injuries from occurring in the firsta child with a broken bone whos in place. The growth plate, alsopain, and you fix it. Six weeks later they known as the physeal plate orgo back to living like it was nothing. To physis, is the area of growing tissue near the ends of the long bones inme, thats really the goal of medicine. children and adolescents. Young Joshua Abzug, MDpeople involved in activities that put undue strain on their limbs can injure these plates. The Center can offer specialized care for youngeven paralysis of the upper arm.provider in the state of Maryland, athletes, focus on injury prevention,However, the current incidencecaring for children with pediatric and conduct research into sports- is unknown and more than 50conditions, says Dr. Abzug, who related injuries, he says. percent of infants with BPBP havewas named a Top Doctor in the no known risk factors. Dr. Abzugsspecialty of Pediatric Orthopaedics CLINICAL RESEARCH EXTENDSresearch identified hypotonia,by Baltimore magazine for the THE STATE OF THE ART sometimes called floppy babyeighth time in 2019. Dr. Abzug also serves as Deputysyndrome, as a new risk factor for Surgeon-in-Chief at the UMBPBP.Childrens Hospital (UMCH). There, he works with childrenREGIONAL LEADERSHIP IN who have congenital or traumaticPEDIATRIC CARElimb differences throughAt the forefront of innovation in UMCHs Pediatric Hand andpediatric orthopaedics, Dr. Abzug Upper Extremity Program, theand his colleagues increasingly only dedicated pediatric upperemploy minimally invasive extremity service in the regiontechniques, including small joint treating a wide array of birtharthroscopy. We are also using disorders of the arms and hands.new techniques to treat syndactyly, Through his clinical research, hea condition wherein two or more says, We have collected valuabledigits are fused together, in ways data on new techniques to betterthat avoid the need for skin treat children with limb differencesgrafting. And then there is Camp by utilizing cutting-edgeOpen Arms, an idea of Dr. Abzugs technologies. to care for the whole child. In addition, he and his teamCelebrating its fifth year in 2019, recently published a studythis summer camp for kids with identifying a new risk factor forlimb differences provides a place brachial plexus birth palsy (BPBP).to come together and have fun. The brachial plexus is a complexThe anniversary was celebrated this past year with a very specialAmericas Got Talent winner Darci Lynn network of nerves between theperformance by Americas GotFarmer visited Camp Open Arms in 2019.neck and shoulders. Injury duringTalent winner Darci Lynn Farmer. birth is common and can leadWe continue to be a strong to loss of muscle function, or Department of Orthopaedics 2019Annual Report21'