b'The focus of my research isalways on rehabilitation through collaboration with the faculty who treat the patients. DETECTING OSTEOARTHRITIS Li-Qun Zhang, PhDBEFORE IT DEVELOPSWe want to know if we can detect the factors that contribute to knee osteoarthritis before it develops, Dr. Zhang explains. Understandingof osteoarthritis, he notes.you use collared or collarless the basic mechanisms behind kneeThis is a big problem; 27 millionstem in hip replacement, he says. motion both on- and off-axis, weAmericans suffer with osteoarthritisSo, we are doing a biomechanical may be able to understand how, forof the knee. study. No matter which example, walking a certain way withBy its very nature, Dr. Zhangsmultidisciplinary direction his too much off-axis motion for yearswork is collaborative. He worksresearch takes, he says, the focus may, over time, result in developingwith sports medicine doctors onis always on rehabilitation through knee osteoarthritis regardless ofresearch related to the kneeandcollaboration with the faculty in the presence of symptoms. Evenwith hip replacement physiciansdifferent departments. with good reconstructive surgery,working on new products as well. after 10 years, knee injury patientsThere is a clinical issue whether still have a much higher incidence Dr. Zhangs research seeks to better understand the underlying mechanisms involved in knee injuries.Department of Orthopaedics 2019Annual Report27'