b'ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS ONevidence-based alternativeRESEARCH HELPS PINPOINT THE RISE treatments as part of theirAPPROPRIATE CAREAs patients increasingly seekmusculoskeletal and spinal care,Perhaps most important, the the popularity of acupuncture hasopening of the Center expands grown. For that reason, the Spineon collaborative research Center now offers acupunctureopportunities, especially as part of its pain management program, even for patients who may not require surgery.When you get healthAcupuncture offers a valuable, care providers fromnon-addictive alternative method to help control pain, notes Dr. different disciplinesLudwig. We see this as a very around the sameexciting prospect. Collaboration table, all of thosewith staff acupuncturists creates different perspectivesthe opportunity for evidence-based studies to show the effectiveness improve the serviceof acupuncture in the treatment excellence we canof acute low back pain as well asbetween the Department of provide. It helps usin postoperative pain control. AtOrthopaedics and the Department deliver better qualitythe Spine Center, weve begunof Neurosurgery. One such shared to develop a registry, so we canclinical trial currently underway care. measure patient outcomes and findinvolves patients who have beenSteven C. Ludwig, MD out how well our patients fare aftercompletely paralyzed by traumatic spine surgery, he explains. spinal cord injury. Working with the Department of Neurosurgery, this investigation involves opening up the spinal cord at the zone of injury and inserting a special neurologic scaffolding with the hope of improving the growth of cells and helping patients regain neurologic function. Yet another study about to launch is looking at alternative methods to control acute low back pain. This study, in collaboration with the centers acupuncture specialists, will compare the effectiveness of conventional physical therapy with alternative methods, such as acupuncture, in this patient population.Dr. Ludwig discusses a patients case with residents.Department of Orthopaedics 2019Annual Report17'