b'Healing from WithinNatalie Leong, MDexpected a career in medicine to introduce herWith professional office locations to people from all walks of life. But shes also met plenty of runners.at UM Orthopaedics at Camden And jumpers. And kickers. Joining the Department of Orthopaedics inYards and Columbia, Dr. Leong September 2018 after serving as assistant team physician for the Chicagosees patients of all ages with White Sox, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Steel, she arrivedknee and shoulder conditions. in Baltimore with a passion for research in tissue engineering alongShe performs minimally invasive with her love of clinical practice. Ive been involved in orthopaedicknee procedures and all types tissue engineering in some capacity since I was about 17 years old, sheof shoulder surgeries as well explains. Currently, she focuses on the anterior cruciate ligament, betteras ligament and tendon repairs known as ACL, a ligament that sidelines patients of all agesathletesthroughout the body.Additionally, and non-athletes alike.she uses regenerative medicine techniques, such as the application of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. She also serves as a staff physician at the Baltimore VA Medical Center, adjacent to UMMC in downtown Baltimore.I am a conservative surgeon, she explains. I take the time to listen to patients, explain diagnoses and options, and collaboratively develop treatment plans that make the most sense for each individual. Surgery is and should always be a last resort.Dr Leongs research focuses on using tissueengineering to regrow ligaments.14CONNECTING WITH QUALITY: A Renewed Focus on Value-Based Care'