b'lead interdisciplinary teams ofWhat is especially exciting about physical, occupational, recreationalDr. Buraimohs role within UM and speech therapists, as well asOrthopaedics is the opportunity nurses, psychologists, and socialto approach treatment holistically. workers. In outpatient settings,I look at the whole person, not physiatrists also treat patientsjust their pain, she says. When with muscle and joint injuries, painyou learn, for example, that your syndromes, non-healing wounds,patient is a police officer who and other conditions. Physiatristsneeds to be able to run and carry also perform intramuscular andheavy equipment, she says, it I look at whole intraarticular injections as well asprovides invaluable treatment perform EMG and nerve conductioninsight. Thinking about people inperson, not just studies. the context of their own lives is howtheir pain. Thinking I really make the difference. about people in HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVEI have a toolbox of nonsurgicalIMPROVING SURGICAL the context of their options I can offer a patient, saysCHOICES own lives is how Dr. Buraimoh, who sees patientsJust as important, physiatry canI really make the at Camden Yards, in Timonium,provide critical support to other and at the Waterloo (Columbia)members of the medical team,difference. ambulatory surgical center. Physicalparticularly surgeons. Some spine Kendall Buraimoh, MDtherapy, medication management,procedures I do are diagnostic, she weight optimization, increasingexplains, providing another insight activity, addressing psychosocialthat surgeons can use in deciding issuesthere are many avenueswho should have surgery. The most through which a physiatrist canimportant thing for me is to be ableproviding spine care. Whether its help a patient achieve betterto provide comprehensive carea hip, a wrist, or an elbow, I want health. Certainly, if an injectionto patients with musculoskeletalpatients referred to me, and Ill is appropriate, I can provide that,issues, she says. This extendscertainly help them out. too, she explains. but I try to beyond spine care. Im not just offer more.Dr. Buraimoh offers a range of nonsurgical treatment options, from physical therapy to weight optimization.Department of Orthopaedics 2019Annual Report19'