b'trial, he notes. The team hasCLINICAL PRACTICE MAKESMaryland, on average, one sarcoma recently received an AcceleratedPERFECT is diagnosed every day, he says, Translational Incubator Pilot (ATIP)Dr. Ng is also a surgeon at theand we treat a significant portion Grant from the University ofGreenebaum Comprehensiveof those patients.Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) InstituteCancer Center, which was rankedDeeply engaged on several for Clinical and Translational#16 in the nation for cancerresearch fronts and overseeing a Research (ICTR)to further thistreatment in 2019 by the USburgeoning practice, Dr. Ng hasnt research. News & World Report. On thelost sight of the importance of Of working with the Iwamotos, Dr.clinical side, we are a high-volumementoring future generations.A Ng says, I thought it would bemusculoskeletal tumor service,dedicated orthopaedic surgery great to apply their knowledge,he says. Under his direction, Theresident works side-by-side with technology, and techniques toBone Cancer and Soft TissueDr. Ng during his or her oncology other cartilage disorders also WeveSarcoma Service brings togetherrotation and learns the nuances had some quite interesting results.a multidisciplinary team of overof taking care of musculoskeletal Dr. Ng is also overseeing a20 specialists in medical oncology,tumor conditions.clinical trial that combinesradiation oncology, and pathology, preoperative radiation therapyamong others, to treat a growing with immunotherapy for treatmentnumber of sarcoma cases. In of early-stage sarcoma. The goal of the Neoadjuvant XRT Immunotherapy and Surgery for Soft Tissue Sarcoma (NEXIS) trial is to stimulate the immune system with a combined treatment regimen to destroy a patients initial tumor and any remaining microscopic cancer cells that may spore other tumors.Immunotherapy is revolutionizing how we treat other types of cancer, and we want to find out whether this treatment combined with radiation can also transform how we treat soft tissue sarcomas, says Dr. Ng. Dr. Ng performs a patient examination at the Bone Cancer and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Service.Department of Orthopaedics 2019Annual Report7'