b'Fellows in this training programorthopaedic, plastic, or general receive comprehensive exposuresurgery residency. Funding for the to upper limb surgeries. Infellowship was secured through collaboration with the R Adamsinstitutional commitments and Cowley Shock Trauma Centerindustry grant support. Orthopaedic Traumatology team,The goal of the program is to the program supports a busy limbaugment training for residents and reconstruction service, whereprovide comprehensive training advanced surgical techniquesfor fellows. This is an exciting are employed to preserve thedevelopment from an educational At this point, our hand function of upper limbs that havestandpoint, says Joshua M.and upper extremity undergone serious injury and toAbzug, MD, Associate Professorsurgeons at the Hand avoid amputation. of Orthopaedics and Pediatrics.Center are able to help This is the first time we haveWe now are training physiciansany patient who walks had a hand fellowship at theto be the next generation whoin the door with a University of Maryland, says Dr.care for hand and upper extremityproblem.Pensy, who directs the fellowship.conditions. The programs initial The fellowship provides for onehand fellow, Nathan Miller, MD, was Raymond A. Pensy, MDyear of additional training afteradmitted in August 2019.In recognition of the Hand Centers expanding capabilities, weve beensoon, we will soon be working on listed in a national registry as aa funded study to examine the role 24/7, 365-day microsurgical centerof ketotifen, an antihistamine, in for hand or digital replantation,the mitigation of elbow stiffness. Dr. Pensy adds. Were alsoThe Center also is participating in working with Childrens Hospitala randomized placebo-controlled in Washington, DC, to establishstudy for the treatment of ourselves as the primary pediatricperipheral nerve injuries funded hand referral center for the DCby Congress through the U.S. Metropolitan area in addition toDepartment of Defense., Whats playing that role in Baltimore.more, the Center is playing a THE LATEST RESEARCH key role in a large-scale study of In addition to expanding itsoutcomes following high-energy expertise to treat more patients,upper-extremity trauma through the Hand Center is engaged inthe Major Extremity Trauma a number of ongoing researchResearch Consortium, which projects. Were involved in ainvolves more than 20 participating Department of Defense andcenters nationally. We lead that Orthopaedic Trauma Association- study with more than triple the funded project that examinesenrollments of any other major soft tissue perfusion in at-risknerve trauma center in the United Dr. Pensy examines a patients handfractures, Dr. Pensy notes. AndStates, notes Dr Pensy.at the new Hand Center, located at UM Orthopaedics at Camden Yards.Department of Orthopaedics 2019Annual Report11'